This is a glossary for places, people, concepts, and objects. As of right now, it does not contain any spoilers. This page is a work in progress, so if you have a non-spoilery term you’d like to see, please comment below and I can add it!

Elmidde – The capital of the Principality, and the location of its Great Library and Paragon Academy. Separated into Hightown, Midtown, Lowtown, and the Outer Islands.

External Projection – Projection that affects the world outside the user’s body and mind. Includes Physical and Whisper projection.

Ilaqua – One of the Four Domains. A large, southern nation of deserts, plains, and plateaus, ruled over by the Harmonious Flock. A former colony of the Principality. Long-stanging rivals with the Neke. Known for its Praxis specialists, particularly its skill, memory, and thought-stitchers.

Internal Projection – Projection that affects a user’s own body and mind. Includes Praxis and Joining projection.

Jade Glass – A strong, flexible form of glass created using projection and sand. Used as a cheap, stronger alternative to steel.

Joining – A school of projection that involves the user altering their own body. Joining specialists possess red Piths.

Mount Elwar – A coastal mountain in the Principality that its capital, Elmidde, is built upon.

Neke – Also referred to as “the Neke”. One of the Four Domains. A small, southeastern island nation, made of two ancient cultures forged together after violent conflict. A former colony of the Principality. Long-stanging rivals with Ilaqua. Known for its Physical specialists, particularly with the chemical of water.

Null Particle – A decayed, dead soul particle. Cannot communicate with other particles. In large numbers, disrupts the function of a Pith and leads to eventual death.

Null Venom – A drug used to block external projection (Whisper and Physical). Does not affect internal projection.

Physical – A school of projection that involves the user altering the physical world around them. Physical specialists possess green Piths.

Praxis – A school of projection that involves the user altering their own Pith. Praxis specialists possess purple Piths. Alliteration.

Projection Ranks – Internationally agreed-upon rankings of projectors and their power. Includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Scholar.

Shenten – One of the Four Domains. Inhabited by the Shenti. A northeastern nation split into a icy, mountainous northern region, and a smaller, tropical region to the south.

Shenti – The people inhabiting Shenten. Formerly ruled by Cao Hui, the Black Tortoise. Known for their Joining specialists.

Soul Particle – The fundamental particle of the Pith. An average human soul contains over one hundred million.

The Conclave of the Wise – The former ruling body of the Principality. A council of Epistocrats from major families. Disbanded after the dissolution of the Treaty of Silence, and the public exposure of projection. Replaced with a democratically elected parliament.

The Eight Oceans – The masses of water spanning the entire world. Collectively, they cover over ninety percent of the planet’s surface. Also used as a term to refer to the entire world.

The Floating City – The capital of Neke. Named such because of its proximity to water. Also known as Kanosei and Paanee Kamandir.

The Four Domains – The four largest, most powerful nations in the Eight Oceans. Consists of The Neke Islands, Ilaqua, Shenten, and the Principality.

The Four Schools of Projection – Praxis, Whisper, Joining, and Physical. The four categories which all types of projection fit in.

The Glass Oasis – The capital of Ilaqua. Named such because of the prevalence of Jade Glass and the desert terrain. Also known as Jaye Aman.

The Harmonious Flock – The state religion of Ilaqua, with practitioners all over the Eight Oceans. Known for its focus on empathy and its general open-minded practices.

The Neke Islands – The low-lying islands inhabited by the nation of Neke.

The Principality – One of the Four Domains. Situated in the west of the Eight Oceans. A former colonial empire. Known for its Whisper specialists, though its Guardians are also known to branch out to a variety of schools.

The Shenti Wars – A series of global wars initiated by Cao Hui, the Black Tortoise, in an attempt from the Shenti to conquer the other three domains. Led to the dissolution of the Treaty of Silence. Ended with the creation of the Spirit Block.

Voidsteel – A rare, expensive metal that is impossible to project into. Also known for its incredible durability.

Whisper – A school of projection that involves the user altering the Piths of others. Whisper specialists possess blue Piths.