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All humans possess a Pith, the essence of a mind where consciousness, reason, and emotion reside. Those who study its power can control their surroundings, move from body to body, and alter the very fabric of another’s thoughts.

In a dying empire surrounded by enemies, two rejects from their city’s magic academy become mercenaries:

Ana, an idealistic girl trapped in a body with a terminal illness.

Wes, an arrogant noble exiled from his family, his name wiped from his memory.

As they fight for their lives and face moral quandaries, they must forge their identities in a world where the human soul is a tool, a canvas, and the deadliest weapon of them all.

Updates every week on Mondays at between 8 and 10pm Eastern.  The usual post schedule is once every two weeks, but the author, Madwhitesnake, is currently updating faster due to extra time from COVID-19 lockdown.

A warning for readers: Pith contains harsh language, graphic violence, and general dark, mature content.

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6 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Really very good – some of the best character writing I have read online. I look forward to seeing where you plan to take this story!

  2. This is amazing! You are amazing! Your characters are real people instead of things needed for a plot to exist. Thank you so much

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